A Day to Remember


A day like this humbles me.  As I sit in my air conditioned office, talking on telephones that work, eating at a resonably decent DFAC and watching movies in the base theater, I realize that war is different now.  Different than when there were no computers and airplanes were generally unreliable.  Now, I have been in my share of situations when I truly thought that it may be my day to meet mortality, but the vets to the right had some ominus statistics to deal with daily.  The Bomber Command in WWII had a 50% survival rate.  When you know those are your odds, that truly is courage to continue with that mission day in and out and those truly are the heroes.  I have no doubt that during my six tours, I have made a difference and kept the wheels of the machine over here in motion but we would not have the freedom we have today if not for those who sacrificed, those who gave all.  Many of the streets around this base are named for fallen soldiers from the first Gulf War.  It is amazing how learning this fact has made those street signs look totally different to me now.  They are more than markers, they are all that is left here of someone who died for the freedom of these people, this country and should not be forgotten.

Today is appropriately dreary for such a somber day full of gravity.  It has gotten significantly hotter in the past week and the only way to decribe the weather here is if you stand outside, it is like have a big huge hairdryer pointed at your whole body.  It actually rained a little bit last night and Mia and I just stood there and felt the cool drops on our body.  It felt kind of magical.  But today is back to ops normal…windy and hot.  I am thankful though…the humitidy is pretty low.  You know what they say…it is hot, but it is a dry heat:-).

Thank you all for your kind messages on Facebook.  My Best Friend Julie really knew how special that would be for me and she is always so kind and thoughtful to all of us who are so blessed to be loved by her!!

Love also to my family at home, my parents, my sisters and those who have continued to love and support me my whole life.  

Hug someone you love today because I wish I could and Happy Memorial Day.

© Patricia Murray 2014