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European Vacation

Well, today we got to breathe.  It was nice to stay out last night and not wake up to an alarm this morning.  Instead I woke up to the sound of construction in the hotel at 1:30 in the afternoon….can’t really complain….it was 1:30 pm.

Headed out on the town and of course, I had to test out the local Starbucks… is amazing that I am halfway around the world and I can get my Chai Tea Latte and a butter croissant just like I am at LA AFB in El Segundo.  Then it was off to do some shopping but first I had to deal with the ATM machine.  I have never had one do this but the machine rebooted after it sounded like it counted out my money.  Then it spit my card out.  OK… the money coming or not?  I waited about for about 10 minutes and watched it reboot like a computer….I have no idea was happened to my 180 Euros……like I said in the earlier blog……you begin to miss the things we take for granted at home.  Then I finished shopping and sat by the water and had a nice glass of wine.  The calm before the storm.  

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Our Own Little world

The confort of home.  We all like it.  I realized last night as we arrived at the Air Force Base at 2200L that the USAF does a pretty good job achieving that .  No matter where you are in the world, if you are on an AFB you have some known things.  Yesterday we were all starving when we got off the airplane.  Since we were at an AFB, you know that there is midnight chow somewhere.  You know that you can get beers in the lobby of the “Inn" and you know that within walking distance is an Anthonys Pizza, Charleys and BX.

It turns out this morning that I neeeded a legal document for Andrew.  With one call, I was able to go to the legal office and get it done.  Free of charge.

I do my fair share of complaining about some of the things they make us endure in the military but I truly appreciate the fact that whereever I am in the world, if I am on an AFB, I have many comforts that I am familiair with and that make it feel a little like home.

the spa

The desert is an interesting dichotomy.  It is a place where you miss your family and the hussle and bussle of everyday life but in a way, it is the only way to take a “life break”.  When you deploy you are foced into a living style that I can only imagine is like rehab.  Someone cooks for you, does your laundry and you are locked up with a lot of people like you.  There are none of the distractions of everyday life to put a wrench in your day.  Your days can be very well planned and often are like groundhog day…..they are all so the same they begin to blend together. Every time I have gone to the desert, I have tried to get myself in better shape.  Quite honestly, if you cannot do it here, you will never do it becuase the desert affords you the selfish time you need to focus totally on yourself.  As much as I miss my family, I am going to work to get into better shape and I will put this scale at the bottom of my blogs to signify how much weight I have lost while I am here.  My goal is 15 pounds……lets see how I do.

wayyyy toooo long

Oh my goodness.  It is 7 hours into our flight today and I am ready to put a needle in my eye.  I have really done everything but read.  I tried to work on Carlyn’s scrapbook, played Soduko, Backgammon, FreeFlow, Candy Crush and Temple Run and watched the new hunger games movie that was 2 and a half hours long!!.  I went up to the bunk to sleep for an hour and a half.  Everything seems to take so much time, yet when I finish there is still more time to go than has elapsed in this dreadful flight.  I have eaten about 20 Rollos for no other reason than I am bored.


I think boredom just breeds bad things.  You notice all the loose threads in your clothing, your rough fingernails, your split ends and I think you end up with much less than you started out with.  As you get off the plane, your clothes are tattered, nails and hair both shorter and you leave a little pile of yourself behind.

I know this is the means to an end of getting where we need to go, but truly I don’t think we were meant to be pent up for 8 hours at a time in a small space.

Who lives here?!?!

Well Day 1 is under wraps and we are on Day 2 of our journey to an undisclosed place in the Middle East.  We are about to depart the United States and I am cruising at altitude in the C-130 J.  It has been gloomy, rainy and cold on the east coast of our country.  It takes me back to 2002 when Andrew and I decided to wrap up our cross country driving honeymoon becuase it was SNOWING in South Dakota on May 5.  I am sure that these places have there own special charm but when the weatherman on the news last night shows people so happy and proud to be prepared for anything mother nature may throw at them at any time of year…even MAY… me that is the equivelant of always having a tylenol for the tack you put in your shoe…hey buddy….just take the tack out of your shoe and you can stop taking tylenol!!  That is why I live in sunny Southern California…..where I never need to be prepared for anything awful.  Even earthquakes elude the propagandizing weather folks because they cannot wax poetic about all the possibilities of what may happen as they are coming.  They just shake us a bit and we all continue to enjoy our great weather and sunshine 330 days out of the year.


It has been nice to use the cell phone and all the electrical plugs without issue and that is about to change.  As we move further east the comforts of western living get further and further away and you realize two things.  One, as Americans, we really do not understand the value of downtime.  It seems the further away you get from our country the more acceptable it becomes to take life day by day, hour by hour.  There are stores closed because people take naps and dinner starts at 9pm most places.  The pace of living slows dramatically.  If you can adjust your mindset, it is not frustrating but rather a welcome change of pace that you can relax and not fall behind.  Two, we have a lot of awsome conveniences that we take for granted.  We have big fluffy towels in our hotels, toilets that flush with vigor and service that is quick and efficient.  There is nothing like a trip around the world to help me realize how great I have it at home. 

Gotta love Canada!!

Until tomorrow…..

Unplanned Happiness

IMG 1233

Sometimes God suprises in ways we can’t even imagine.  Yesterday was mommy at pre-school day which was wonderful and bitter sweet because it is the last time I will see many of Carlyn’s teachers.  As I woke up this morning and completed my physical therapy and headed to work, I was extremely sad about how so many things in life that are good are for such a short peroid of time.

As I drove to work, my phone rang, “Where are the car keys?”……I am over an hour away from home.  “UUUHHHHGGG…in my pocket.”  Now I have to go home so my family can have a car to drive.  What a disaster.  I was fortunate at work that my boss allowed me to extend my leave from the previous day and I ended up jumping in an aquarium trip planned for the girls and our Nanny, Virginia.  What an amazing day!!  Closed the aquarium and had dinner at bubba gump shrimp!!  It was a Golden Day!

Getting Ready for #6

April 15, 2014.  Well, I finally migrated from IWEB to SANDVOX for my website.  I am not that tech saavy so once I found out IWEB was no longer going to be supported by Apple, I drug my heels until I could not any longer.

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I leave in a very short time so I am cramming in as many things as I can before I leave.  Last Friday, Andrew and I hit an executive course where I birdied the hole to the right.  “Even Tiger Woods could not do any better!”  Thanks Andrew…you are great!  Saturday was Carlyn’s 4th birthday party and much more in tap before I “depart the fix”.

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