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Time with Carlyn


With so few days left to go, I am spending every minute I can with my little miss.  Today we went to JCP to take pictures that I could take to the was terrible.  About 1000 degrees and a photographer that scared Carlyn....I was just in tears.  Made another appointment this afternoon at Babies R Us.....we’ll see.

Family lunch and then off to the park.  She is just such a happy girl and so fun to play with.

Meeting with Linda tomorrow to work on the book....lots has happened since Carlyn has been born and we need to get it all in there!!


The next month and a half will be filled with training and preparation to deploy. In addition to being prepared to fly the missions in the desert, I will need to be sure that the downtime is equally prepared for. I have already purchased my Keurig coffee machine along will the requsite K cups and a reed diffuser to make sure that I can eliminate whatever odor the previous resident left in my hooch. Stay tuned as more prep gets underway.

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