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Day of Disney


Well,  yesterday, Disney was a great little mousekateer.  We really had a nice day at the park.  We went on a LOT of rides and Carlyn loved Dumbo and Small World.  Pretty much every other ride was either a bury in my shoulder or cry and scream my way through.  It was fun though and a magical day with my magical little miss.  Today we hit the beach with Robert and Ken Klopf and Michelle (her cousins) and Jeremiah (1st cousin once removed).  What a great way to spend the last 48 hours!!

Address Info


It is hard to believe that we are down to just a few short days.  I have posted the above information so that you can keep in touch while I am deployed.  Everything posted above is either free or very little cost to me so don’t worry about saying hello.  I just think from what I hear that we are going to be so busy over there that I am not sure how much free time I will have.  Spent today packing so I am pretty well set to go.  Can’t wait for Disneyland on Tuesday :-).  Talk to you soon.

Final Prep

I am about to fall over today. Had to get a typhoid shot and a Hep B...sure wears on you when you are already tired from life. Then I had to take a computer test that was asking me if I felt lethargic, sleepy, crabby and cranky...are they just confirming or am I telling them new information. It is supposed to be compared with when I I supposed to be LESS cranky? I am Anyway, Still have to pack. I have a hard time packing for a week let alone for a lifetime :-)

One Last Trip

Before I deploy to the middle east I really like to spend some time connecting with friends that I have not seen in a while. I have been friends with Chuck Hill since 1988 and he asked me to come speak at his Keller Williams inspirational breakfast and it gave me the perfect chance to see him, his beautiful wife Logan and adorable daughter Emily. We had so much fun visiting and it really mentally gets me that much closer to being ready to deploy.

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