The scale finally moved!!  After three weeks of going to the gym everyday but two…..I finally saw a definite change.  It is an eye opener to the fact that I HAVE to do this now because I am sure as I get older, that scale will be harder and harder to move in the correct direction.  Even though I had not seen a great deal of change on a scale, it is amazing how I could see such an increase in my fitness.  Also, how many little annoyances are starting to disappear as my body embraces my new regimen.  

It is hard to believe too that I am about to see that clock to the right roll to 39 days in 3 hours.  The time is actually flying on this rotation!  

Oh I took a tour of the Host Nation air traffic control (ATC) tower and it was sure interesting.  As we exited the elevator you could smell the wafts of smoke fill all the passageways as we headed toward the tower cab.  As we climbed the final staircase, it was so hard to keep your footing as the stairs were made of marble.  Dang….OSHA would have a field day with that…..It really looked grand but was highly impractical.  The tower Chief told us all about their systems.  They use the strips just like they do in the states but there are defnitely some funny things.  We found out why it takes so long sometimes to get our flightplans in the system.  It is because the agency they call to check on the flightplan does not issue it.  They are a middle man.  That agency then calls the people that actually file the flightplan and then they call the tower back.  It is amazing how our American brains immediately beg the question of just eliminating the middle man.  Ohhh nooo…that is how it is done.  Probably a jobs program of sorts but that type of redundancy is so common in most of the world and the local populous does not ask why…it is just an accepted way of doing business.  The young tower companion to the Chief spent the entire tour looking at his iPhone…..ahhh…now that seems to be a world wide commonality…..why talk to people that are here, when I can text people who are not here!  Before I left, I tried to take in all the random stuff that makes its way into spaces like this.  There was a green Christmas ornament hanging from a nail in the wall, a brass teapot with dust an inch thick, pieces of a computer and a microwave that really needed a scrub.  You wonder how all those things came to be in those places…who brought them there and how long they would remain before someone tired of them and changed their disposition.

I am glad I did the tour.  Next weekend Mia and I signed up for the tour of the Grand Mosque downtown; now that should really be an adventure.  Until next time.

© Patricia Murray 2014