Hot Hot Hot

Ok…well this weeks temperatures are averaging about 115 deg…whew…it  is warm.  Last night, we also had the pleasure of a Host Nation Thunderstorm.  Not only do you get the thunder and lightening of a regular storm but you get the sand blowing at about 50 mph.  Everyone eating decided it was God’s way of making the decision about ice cream for you.  Might as well partake since we are not going anywhere for a while anyway.


As we left the DFAC, Mia exclaimed…"lets get our facial on".  I guess in a way this sandstorm is mother natures version of dermbrasion treatment but God help you if you open your eyes.  

As we walked to the DFAC last night, I thought I would take a picture of these signposts.  This has been somewhat of a staple at most bases I have been to.  There was not a California sign so we need to work on that before we leave but it is nice to see where everyone, who has traveled through here, is from.

Got my pool on today in the 115 deg heat…the only problem is that they only sell SPF 50 at the BX.  Of course the Air Force doesn’t want you to tan.  I am not sure if I am going to get any color with 50 but I guess it is better than being a lobster.  

Three days ago we all lost our Imminent Danger Pay (IDP) in our paychecks…you know…. the $200 someodd dollars that vanished?  So for all of you worried about us here… the greatest threat we face until we fly off this base is the food, the sun and the sandstorms….Breathe a sigh of relief and we will see you all in 36 days!!


© Patricia Murray 2014