What War?



Just want to write a few lines before we go NORDO (No Radio).  It is my way of saying that I will be out of communication until Sunday morning.  What is crazy here is that we have an exercise tomorrow and they turn off all the WI FI on the base which is basically our lifeline to the outside world.  Why we have to practice going to war?…...I am unsure….hello??  We are here..at the war…doing the mission.  UUGGHHH……the Marines do not do this!  But I guess they don’t stay in 5 star hotels in Europe either……each service has it’s pluses and minuses and with the Air Force; inspections and exercises stop for no war.

You know what else gets me going is the fact that we went to see a couple movies already…do you know that they charge for the movie??  Like I have a choice to be here….it’s not like I can say, “Hey this theater is too expensive, I am going to the one across the street.”  We are a captive audience.  Seems quite undemocratic to me.  They also charge for soda and popcorn!!  Things I can get free at the DFAC (dining facility) 100 yards away.  Maybe they just want me to feel more at home by robbing me blind for my movie experience!

The picture above and to the right is of our sidewalks here on the base.  Remember my blog about the Land of Rocks??  The one thing I despised about all my previous deployments was the constant walking on rocks.  I think just plain dirt would be 10X better but every base I have been at, they insist on covering the ground with thousands of  little annoying rocks.  At least here they have paved sidewalks.  I will walk the long way every time to avoid walking on rocks!!

The picture above and to the left is our squadron patch.  The  737 EAS was established in mid-1943 as a B-24 Liberator heavy bombardment group.  Engaged in very long range strategic bombardment of enemy military, industrial and transportation targets. Operations included attacks against such objectives as marshalling yards, aircraft factories, railroad bridges, and airdromes in ItalyAustria, and Rumania. They helped to prepare the way for and supported the invasion of Southern France during Jul and August 1944.  How cool that our unit has that kind of history!!

Well, don’t worry everyone!!  We are here, we are fine, we are playing the war we are not fighting and flying the war that we are…..follow that?  If you do, maybe you can give the Air Force a call and let them know :-).

© Patricia Murray 2014