January 9, 2018

Community Associations Institute Attendee - Disney Convention Center, Anaheim California

I have heard over 500 people talk and your talk was motivating, inspirational and extremely different.  You really gave me a lot to think about and I really appreacited your perspective on challenging leadership situations.


October 1, 2015

What a pleasure it was to meet you and hear you speak yesterday.  We had so many members come up to us afterward telling our committee how wonderful you were and how inspired they were by your speech.  One of our older members even asked if we could get you to put your power point (photos) on the website so they could see the photos better.  Sorry about the lighting issue by the way...first day on the job for me.  The response from the membership was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.   Many, including myself, walked away with a fresh outlook and direction from what you said. You will be spoken about for many months to come and of course, will be highly recommended.

Francesca Theim/1st Vice President Programs/The Thursday Club

Steve Stakley, Boeing Management Group - Click Here

August 20, 2015,

Just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation one more time for a great morning.  You were a total hit!  Hearing really good feedback from all of the participants.  I do believe that your speaking engagement was one if our best.  Everyone liked the change up between presentation delivery, self-reflection and interaction.  I had two employees reach out to me, asking me to help them take full advantage of the learning and lessons shared this morning…so they could better understand themselves, find their purpose, and more effectively lead others!  You clearly touched the room with your experience, stories and confidence…thank you!

Best  Regards,


Melissa Livingston

Deputy Director for Administration

Ventura County Management Council

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