High Heels and Camo Boots



I live and work in a male-dominated world, and out of necessity have become an expert on breaking through the glass ceiling without letting shards of falling glass damage the camaraderie of the workplace.  I have been successful in developing positive harmonious relationships with the men I work and fly with every day.  However, I am not a doormat, a woman trying to be a man, or be accepted as “one of the guys.”  I don’t allow cussing in my aircraft.  I regularly stand up for my rights, women’s rights, and the rights of others, and yet continue to win awards and promotions without being alienated or becoming negatively branded. Today, for many powerful women, that’s not the case.

With my unique style of working within the flow instead of fighting against it, I share tools that can be used by both men and woman to help them succeed in working with members of the opposite sex, by explaining how women think differently, act differently, bond differently, and have different loyalties. I help women use their unique perspectives and point of view to develop powerful partnerships with men that help propel them forward. And, I help men work more productively and harmoniously with the women on their teams, both in their private lives and in the workforce.

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