Run Your Own Race



Throughout my life, I was always seen as a little “different,” but ultimately managed to come out on top in everything I have set out to achieve.  Little did I know at the beginning, my desire to march only to the beat of my own drum would be one of the keys to my success.

The title of this talk was advice given to me on the stage at the Miss America Pageant and it is advice that directs me to this day.  This talk is designed to help any group find the strength and determination to succeed on their own terms, and turn any failure into an opportunity and to stop looking from side to side along the way.   Powerful examples from my life experiences demonstrate how circumstances play only a small role in our potential. It’s the discipline to stay focused on goals and keep taking action while being true to yourself that ultimately brings the biggest and most satisfying wins.  You want your people to have confidence, make decisions with determination and lead from the front?  Then this topic will have them moving forward with purpose!

© Patricia Murray 2014